Chichester – Summer 1990

MD – Michael Sands

Organist – David Houlder

Monday 23rd July Evensong 5.30pm Tuesday 24th July Evensong 5.30pm
Responses: Smith 5 Part Responses: Rose (Magdalen) 
Psalms 114 & 115 Psalms 119 v1-32
Canticles: Wood in E Flat Canticles: Howells in G
Anthem: O Lorde the maker


Anthem:  Like as the hart (Howells)
  Wednesday 25th July Evensong 5.30pm Friday 27th July  Choral Evensong 5.300pm
Responses: Smith 5 Part Responses: Byrd
Psalms 94 Psalms 126-131
Canticles: Smart in B Flat Canticles: Dyson in F
Anthem: Let all mortal (Bairstow) Anthem: Ascribe unto the Lord


Saturday 28h July Evensong  5.30pm Sunday 29 July Mattins 1000
Responses: Rose (Magdalen)  Responses: Ayleward
Psalms: 136,137 Psals: 73
Canticles: Stanford in G Canticles Howells: Coll: Reg:
Anthem: Vox dicentis clama


Anthem: My soul there is (Parry)
Sunday 29 July Communion 1100am Sunday 30th July  Evensong 3.30pm
Setting: Little Organ Mass (Haydn) Responses: Byrd
Motet: Locus Iste (Bruckner) Psalms: 91
    Canticles: Stanford in A  
    Anthem: The Lord is my shep(Stanfd)