Exeter – Summer 1984

MD – Michael Sands

Organist – Linda Carrington


Sunday 26th August Eucharist 9.45am Sunday 26th August Mattins 1115am
Setting: Wood, Phrygian Mode Responses: Rose (Magdalen)
Creed: Merbecke Psalms: 91
Anthem: Ave Verum (Elgar) Canticles Elgar in F
    Anthem: Blessed Jesu (Dvorak)
Sunday 26th August Evensong 3.00pm Monday 27th August Evensong 5.30
  Introit: In thee is gladness (Stanfrd)
Responses: Rose (Magdalen) Responses: Wm Smith (5 Part)
Psalms: 16 & 111 Psalms: 126-130
Canticles: Stanford in B Flat Canticles Dyson in D
Anthem: With a voice of sng (Shaw) Anthem: O thou the central  -(Wood)
Tuesday 28th August Evensong 5.30pm Wednesday 29th August Evensong 5.30pm
Introit: Lord for thy tend (Hilton) Introit: Let thy merciful ears-Mudde
Responses: Wm Smith (5 Part) Responses: Wm Smith (5 Part)
Psalms: 136 & 137 Psalms: 142 & 143
Canticles: Gibbons (Short) Canticles Walmisley in d minor
Anthem: O God thou art (Purcell) Anthem: The Lord hath been mindful (Wesley)
Friday 31st  August Evensong  5.30pm Saturday 1st September Evensong 3.00pm
Introit: Purest & Highest (Stanford) Introit: O come ye servants (Tye)
Responses: Rose (Magdalen) Responses: Rose (Magdalen)
Psalms: 147-50 Psalms 6-8
Canticles: Stanford in G Canticles Howells in G
Anthem: How beauteous (Stanford) Anthem: Like as the hart (Howells)
Sunday 2ndSeptember Communion 9.45am Sunday 2nd September Mattins 1115am
Setting: Stanford B Fl & F Responses: William Byrd
Creed Merbecke Psalms 123 & 143
Motett: Let all mortal flesh Canticles: Stanford in B Flat
   (Bairstow) Anthem: How lovely (Brahms)
Sunday 2nd September Evensong 3.00pm
Responses: Wm Byrd    
Psalms: 53, 56 & 93    
Canticles: Smart in B Flat    
Anthem: Evening Hymn (Gardiner)