Rochester – Summer 1979

MD – Michael Sands

Organist – Linda Carrington

Music List

Sunday 5th August Mattins 9.45am   Sunday 5th August Communion 1030am
Responses: Wm Smith (4 part)  Kyrie etc Sumsion in F
Psalm: 65 Creed etc Ashfield (Series III)
Canticles: Stanford in B Flat (TeDeum) Motett Locus Iste (Bruckner)
Anthem: With a voice of singg(Shaw)    
Sunday 5th August Evensong 6.30pm 
Responses: Wm Smith (4 Part)
Psalms: 77 & 134
Canticles: Harwood in A Flat
Anthem: O how glorious is the kingdom (Harwood)
Monday 6th August Evensong 5.30pm Tuesday 7th August Evensong 5.30pm
Introit: Let thy merciful ears(Mudd)    
Responses: Wm Smith (4 Part) Responses: Wm Smith (4 Part)
Psalms: 32-34 Psalms: 37
Canticles: Murrill in E Canticles Smart in B Flat
Anthem: Blessed Jesu (Dvorak) Anthem: Blessed be the God (Wesley)
Thursday 9th August Evensong  5.30pm Friday 10th August Evensong 5.30pm
Introit: Cantate Domino (Pitoni)    
Responses: Wm Smith (4 Part) Responses: Wm Smith (4 Part)
Psalms: 47-49 Psalms 53-55
Canticles: Stainer in B Flat Canticles Howells in G
Anthem: O God thou art (Purcell) Anthem: Like as the hart (Howells)
Saturday 12th August Evensong 3.00pm Sunday 13th  August Mattins 9.45am
Introit: The Crown of Roses (Tchaikovsky) Responses: Smith (4 Part)
Responses: Wm Smith (4 Part) Psalms 80
Psalms: 59-61 Canticle: Ireland in F  (Te Deum)
Setting: Stanford in G  Anthem: O be joyful in (Stanford)
Anthem: Hallelujah Chorus (Handel)    
Sunday 13th   August Communion 1030am Sunday 13th  August Evensong 3.00pm
Setting: Wood in the Phrygian md Responses: Wm Smith (4 Part)
Creed Merbecke Psalms: 1,4 & 8
Motett: Beati quorum via Canticles: Stanford in C
   (Stanford) Anthem: Evening Hymn (Gardiner)