Bangor – Summer 2013

MD – Michael Sands

Organist – David Brindle

Music List

Monday 29th July 2013     Tuesday 30th July 2013  
5.30pm  Choral Evensong 5.30pm  Choral Evensong
Introit  Let thy merciful ears (Mudd) Introit Holy Father, cheer our way (Kitson)
Responses William Smith Responses Lyndon Hills
Psalm: 136 (C. H. Lloyd) Psalm: 139 (A. H. Mann)
Canticles:  Walmisley in D Major Canticles: Noble in A Minor    
Anthem  O Lord look down from heaven (Jonathan Battishill) Anthem: How lovely are thy dwellings (Brahms)
Hymn:   Hymn:  
Wednesday 31st July 2013 Thursday August 1st 2013
5.30pm  Choral Evensong 5.30pm  Choral Evensong
Introit: Laudate Dominum (Pitoni) Introit: From the rising of the sun (Ouseley)
Responses: John Reading, Responses Richard Ayleward
Psalm: 119 vs 161-176 (G. C. Martin & J. Goss) Psalms: 141 (J. Turle) & 142 (J. Blow)
Canticles: Howells in G Canticles: Aston in F
Anthem: Blessed be the God and Father (Wesley)  Anthem:    O Lorde the maker of al thing (Joubert) 
Hymn:   Hymn:  
Saturday August 3rd  2013  
3.30 p.m. Choral Evensong  
Introit: Gaudent in Coelis (Victoria)    
Responses William Byrd    
Psalms:  148 (T.A.Walmisley) & 150 (R.P. Goodenough)    
Canticles: Dyson in D    
Anthem: Ecce Sacerdos (Michael Haydn)    
Sunday August 4th 2013 (Trinity 10)
1100am Sung Eucharist 3.30pm Choral Evensong
Introit:   Introit: Purest and Highest (Stanford)
Hymns:   Responses: Bernard Rose
Psalm: 107 v1-9 (T. Attwood) or 49 vs 1-9 (T. A. Walmisley) Psalm: 107 vs 1-12 (T. Attwood)
Setting: Darke in F (HC) Canticles Parry in D
Motetts Justorum Animae (Stanford)  Beati Quorum Via (Stanford) Anthem: Blessed City (Bairstow)
Hymns:   Hymns: