Wells – Summer 1988

MD – Michael Sands

Organist – David Houlder 

Monday 8th August Evensong 5.15pm Tuesday 9th August Evensong 5.15pm
Responses: Rose (Magdalen Coll) Responses: Rose (Magdalen)
Psalms 41-43 Psalms 47-49
Canticles: Brewer in D Canticles: Dyson in D
Anthem: Give us the wings (Bullock) Anthem: And I saw a new (Bainton)
Wednesday 10th  August Evensong 5.15pm Friday 12th   August Evensong  5.15pm
Responses: Rose (Magdalen) Responses: Rose (Magdalen)
Psalms 53-55 Psalms: 65-67
Canticles: Stanford in A Canticles: Smart in B Flat
Anthem: The Lord is my shep(Stanfd) Anthem: Ascribe unto the Lord


Saturday 13th August Evensong 5.15pm Sunday 16th August Communion 1000am
Responses: Rose (Magdalen) Setting: Darke in E
Psalms 69-70 Motett: My soul there is (Parry)
Canticles Sumsion in G   Ave Verum (Elgar)
Anthem: Hear my prayer


  Purest & Highest (Stanford)
Sunday 16th August Mattins 1130am Sunday 16th August Evensong 3.30pm
Responses: Rose (Magdalen College) Responses: Rose (Magdalen)
Psalms 71 & 72 Psalms: 73 & 74
Canticles: Howells Coll: Reg Canticles: Howells in G
Anthem: Let the people (Mathias) Anthem: Evening Hymn (Gardiner)